May Family Reunion
Prestonsburg, Kentucky
Weekend of September 13-15, 2002

** 2002 May Reunion **
Fifty-three of the attendees posed for this group photo on Saturday afternoon.
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First row, standing [left to right]: Ann Miller, Naomi May, Sharon May Sams, Della Ray May Rawlings, Darlene Fleming May, Ronnie May, Finetta Hamilton Mullins, Fred T. May, Mattie Sutphin, Sid Sutphin, Betty May Allen, Dr. Bill Allen, Carroll May, Mary Gossett Sullivan, Ed Henry, Dorothy Henry, Wayne Ratliff, Jr., Martha Rogers Robinson, R. Bingham Robinson, Sharon Grinnell Sternberg, Dale Sternberg, Helen May Sivis, Diane Lauhon Forsythe, Helen M. Lauhon, Susan Smathers Krichbaum, Mary Sue Smathers, Robyn Anne Krichbaum, Dorothy Sutton, Robert Smathers, Sandy Sewell, Elizabeth Joyce May, John William May, Sr.
Standing behind on a wall: Joe Daws, Roberta Cannoy Daws, Samantha May, Samuel Bruce May, Joan Marie Snowden May, Mary M. Jones, Roy Smathers, Thomas L. May, Katheryn Kirchbaum, Robert Krichbaum, Col. John William May, Jr., Liza May Brown, Jeanne May Lambeth Hart, Woodorw W. Lambeth, Arthur Sewell, Marquita Sivis Otis.
Sitting on bench in front: Ethel May Ratliff [oldest attendee - 11th May generation], Mamie May, Mary May
Sitting on ground: Gerald Ray May holding Michael Ian Thomas [youngest attendee - 14th May generation].

Thanks to responses from attendees, we now have a full listing of the relatives in this photo.
Fred T. May

Large gathering of the 1931 May Reunion at the home of
William Greenwade near Prestonsburg.
A copy of this photo was presented to Friends of the Samuel May House.
Greenwade was a great-grandson of Thomas May.

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