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These books by Ken Henderson are historical fiction about the early frontier. Parts of the second book takes place in the Big Sandy Valley.

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“Painted Mountain – An Early American Adventure”

Josh Mosby lost his family to the hostile Shawnees, led by the most infamous savage on the American frontier. While being held prisoner by the Shawnees, he befriends Tobahana, a Seneca warrior, who helps him escape, only to begin a journey that takes them on an adventure which eventually leads them to the Painted Mountain (located in Southeast Virginia). Josh and Tobahana have one thing in common; both were taken prisoner by the hated Scarface, scourge of the Shawnee Nation. Josh, after rescuing Tobahana’s sister Meriah from the French, then from the Shawnees, falls in love with Meriah. Josh and Tobahana lead the Cherokees to defeat Scarface and his renegades at the base of the Painted Mountain. Many of the individuals in the story are historical figures.

“Brothers of the Forest – An Early American Adventure”

Book two of a trilogy. Resumes the story of Josh Mosby and his friend Tobahana, 10 years after the adventures detailed in the “Painted Mountain”. They embark on a dangerous mission that takes them deep into Shawnee territory to rescue Daniel Boone, the most famous American Pioneer of all time.

Based on real people and events in our colonial history, this story tells how settlers along the vast reaches of the American frontier depended on one another for protection, food, and companionship. This is a story of how they survived the first trip into wild frontier of Kentucky and the men who were brave enough to risk their lives to save them. Parts of this story takes place in the Breaks area and along the Big Sandy River.