James Harvey Leslie

a.k.a. Sparrel Pattern in

Patterns of Wolfpen

Harlan H. Hatcher


Characters in the Book

Generations:                                                Book characters
1. William Robert Leslie --------------------- Saul Pattern
2. Robert Leslie ------------------------------Barton Pattern
3. Allen Leslie --------------------------------Tivis Pattern
4. James Harvey Leslie -----------------------Sparrel Pattern
    married Mary Jane Stratton from Louisville, KY
5. Malinda B. Leslie --------------------------Cynthia Pattern
    married Robert E. Hatcher                           married Reuben Warren, surveyor
      son of Wm. B.G. Hatcher, surveyor in Ohio      

6. Harlan H. Hatcher (author)

** Some interesting similarities of James Harvey Leslie and Sparrel Pattern **

  • Julia Stratford, the wife of Sparrel Pattern, wasn't from the valley where he was born but came from Scioto in Ohio. He built her a weatherboarded, two-story house at Wolfpen Hollow as a wedding present: "There was no better house in the Big Sandy Valley, outside of Pikeville or Prestonsburg."

    • Mary Jane Stratton, the wife of James Harvey Leslie, came from Louisville, KY and Malinda was the last of their eleven children born between 1845 and 1870. She was related to the Stratton families of Eastern Kentucky.

    • James' estate was one of the largest in Pike County, valued in the 1850 census at $3,400. The listed value of other large farms on the Leslie/Lesley Settlement in 1850 were:
      $6,000 ..... Martin Lesley, father of James
      $7,000 ..... Pharmer Lesley, uncle of James
      $3,500 ..... Thomas P. May, brother-in-law of James

      These families had the finest homes on Lower Johns Creek.

      Thomas May, father of Thomas P. May, was also a large landowner with an estate in another valley of the county valued at $6,000.

  • Sparrel Pattern "doctored" his neighbors with herbs collected on his farm throughout the year and used as "home remedies" when needed. He was heartborken when Julia died after a short illness.

    • James H. Leslie was listed as a "Physician" in the 1870 Pike Co. census. He had no formal trainiing in the medical profession, but was known in the region for the mountain cures he knew for a variety of common ailments.

    • The family of James' sister, Elizabeth Margery and her husband Thomas P. May, was located on an adjacent farm. Their daughter, Sarah May Hurt, died in 1868 after the birth of her only child, Garland Hurt. James must have been at her bedside to apply his herbs and relieve her discomfort. In the 1870 census Garland was living in the home of his grandparents.

    • Mary Jane died in January 1876 and James married Alice Ann Elkins in December 1876. Milinda was only five when her mother died and was six when Alice became her step-mother.

Family of James Harvey Leslie

1 James Harvey Leslie b: 18 Oct 1821 Floyd (now Pike) Co, KY d: 18 Mar 1899 Floyd, KY Age at death: 77

.. +Mary Jane Stratton b: 9 Sep 1826 Louisville, KY m: 2 Mar 1843 Floyd Co., KY d: 2 Jan 1876 Floyd Co., KY Age at death: 49

. 2 Nancy M. Leslie b: 1845

. 2 Amos Pope Leslie b: 1846

. 2 Thomas J. Leslie b: 1848

. 2 James W. Leslie b: 1850

. 2 Allen H. Leslie b: 1852

. 2 Solomon G. Leslie b: 1854

. 2 John B. Leslie b: 1856

. 2 Mary J. Leslie b: 1860

. 2 Robert Lee Leslie b: 1863

. 2 Elizabeth B. Leslie b: 1866

. 2 Malinda B. Leslie b: Nov 1870

...... +Robert Ellison Hatcher b: 24 Feb 1871 Ironton, Lawrence Co., OH d: 11 Oct 1927 Boyd Co, KY Age at death: 56

*2nd Wife of James Harvey Leslie:

.. +Alice Ann Elkins b: 1836 m: 8 Dec 1876 Floyd Co., KY, at the home of Samuel Clark by R. Tipton

. 2 Anna Leslie b: 1879