Rev. Milton Tevis Burris

1851 notebook entry

Reference: The Burris Family by Steven T. Hurt

Fred T. May
Posted April 2009

Map of Johns Creek

At the age of 22, Milton Tevis Burris began to write in his notebook, giving the date and place of his birth. He wrote of being parted from his mother and [step]father at the age of five and going to live with his [Leslie] uncles [on Johns Creek]. The 1850 census lists him as a farmer living in the home of Thomas Patton May [in the Leslie Settlement on Johns Creek]. The Leslie family taught him of his Saviour as a young boy but he wrote of his sins as a teenager. He became a faithful member of Snivley Chapel and lived nearby when it was built in 1853.

During his lifetime he was a Preacher, Teacher, Doctor, Artist and Historian. After marriage he lived on Rush Creek in the lower Big Sandy Valley and was well-known and respected in Catlettsburg at the mouth of the river.