The Board of The Overlook Homeowners Association encourages Visitors to attend our formal Board meetings (non working meetings) but want to ensure an orderly Governance process and have adopted the following guidelines for visitors.

1. All visitors shall register in writing in advance of their attendance at any called Board meeting by giving their name, address and issue that they wish to address (if any).

2. Visitors are entitled to see and receive a copy of the Boards agenda.

3. Visitors are not to interrupt the Board members discussion on any item. The Board President may open the floor to questions or comments prior to a vote on any pending issue.

4. The president may, include an open forum discussion time on the Board agenda if they so choose.

5. Visitors may submit questions or comments to be included in the minutes if they prefer this method over a verbal presentation.

6. Based on the questions or comments posed by any visitor the Board may delay an appropriate answer if legal or outside expertise is needed in order to respond to the issues posed. The Board shall inform those present of the issue and the reason that a delayed response is in order, and a reasonable time frame to issue a written response.

7. Visitors shall be excused due to the need for an Executive Session of the Board. The Board may go into Executive Session to discuss pending legal matters, discussions regarding personnel matters and other such topics may be permitted under the Texas Open Meeting act.

8. Visitors may be asked to leave the meeting if their Behavior or conduct becomes an obstacle to conducting business or becomes a threat to life and Safety of those attending. The President (or those acting in the absence of the President) may remove any visitor from the meeting based on this policy, or adjourn meeting due to the particular situation.

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