It is the policy of The Overlook to develop and maintain a fire prevention policy that is consistent with River Place Homeowners Association and encompasses the unique ownership of the common property of The Overlook Homeowners Association that encompasses 20.42 acres south and east of The Overlook lots.


1. The Overlook Homeowners Association will develop and maintain an up to date Firewise policy and will keep homeowners informed of necessary procedures. 2. The Overlook Homeowners Association will adapt enforcement rules to assure conformity with our Firewise Policy to protect the Homeowners Association. 3. The Overlook Homeowners Association Board will act or shall appoint a Firewise Committee to review, inspect and update the Firewise plan. 4. Homeowners are responsible for: a. Homes and Lots i. Home ignition zones begin within 30 feet of a home and may extend over 100 feet. 1. Open spaces in these areas provide some protection from spreading wildfires. 2. This area should be kept trimmed and not be allowed to become too dry. ii. Attached wooden decks are an obvious danger. 1. Most of these decks in the Overlook are underlined with exposed wood and even wood lattice. 2. Cracks and crevices in these areas may allow blowing embers to accumulate and spread fire to the home. 3. Removal of the wood lattices should be considered. 4. An alternative is to install metal screening no larger than 1/8 mesh over the lattice. b. Common Greenbelt Area i. Homeowners have no individual rights to use of the common greenbelt area, but they are allowed to access the area for the purpose of implementing wildfire prevention recommendations from the Overlook Board. ii.

2. The Overlook Board should be apprised of any plans for clearing trees or bushes in the common greenbelt area. 1. The purpose is to help assure compliance to these guidelines. 2. Homeowners shall contact Certified Management of their plan to clear any trees or bushes adjacent to their property. Certified Management shall notify The Overlook Board of the homeowner's plan. c. Timing of Clearing Activities i. No clearing shall take place from March 1 to August 31, the breeding period of the golden-cheeked warbler and black-capped vireo. These endangered species depend on juniper bark for nest materials and juniper density for avoiding predators. ii. Live oak trees shall not be trimmed from February 1 to June 30, when the danger of spreading oak wilt is greatest. iii. Exceptions may be made in a designated drought period and where a designated fire hazard exists. d. Restrictions within the Common Greenbelt Area i. Access into the area shall not go more than 30 feet from the homeowner's property line. ii. A homeowner may not remove any trees having a trunk diameter greater than 4.5 inches (measured 5 feet from the ground) without specific approval from the Overlook Board. 1. Lower limbs on these trees shall be trimmed 6 feet or more above the ground. iii. Ash junipers (Juniperus ashei, Mountain cedar) with a trunk diameter less than 4.5 inches can be removed as desired. 1. Larger trees that remain shall be at least ten feet apart. iv. Limbs and branches of all trees shall be cut as near to the trunk as possible or at the junction of two branches. 1. Stubs shall not extend more than an inch from the trunk. v. Harwood trees, such as oak, shall not be cut unless they appear to pose a fire hazard to a nearby house or deck (perhaps being within 30 feet of the structure). 1. Wound dressing must be applied to all cut surfaces of oak trees to limit any possible oak wilt infection. 2. Hardwood seedlings shall be allowed to remain in the area. vi. Tree stumps shall be cut within 6 inches from the ground. vii. Cuttings from clearing the area must be removed. 1. If cutting are chipped instead of being removed, the resulting wood chips shall be spread to less than 1 inch depth to encourage grass or wildflower growth.

The Firewise Committee shall annually conduct a fire management walkthrough to identify any native fire hazards that may have developed and to assure that no owner created fire hazard exists.


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