The Overlook at River Place
Managed by Certified Management of Austin (CMA)

Trash Pickup: Our scheduled day is Wednesday. Every week, the green container is picked up and every other week, both the green container and the blue recycle container are picked up.

Mail Delivery: Late afternoon---on a good day.

Entry Gate: If you need to have the gate left open for guests, please call CMA at 512-339-6962 a couple of days in advance so the electronics can be adjusted. In an emergency, an Overlook Board Member (see phone numbers in directory) and some other neighbors e.g., Fred May, know how to manually open the gate.

Side Gate: Just stick your hand through the open hole and operate the lock manually. Be sure and close the door behind you as you enter or exit.

Lawn Maintenance: Our scheduled day is Thursday. The current contract is with Native Land Design. Note that normally, the crewmembers do not speak fluent English however; the crew chief is able to communicate in broken English, enough to understand your concerns. If not, please contact the account manager directly. Our account manager is Daniel Ramirez, 512-845-0408. We contract to have front lawns mowed, bushes trimmed, lawns fertilized once per year, weeds sprayed once in the spring, and mulch spread once per year. They do not maintain your flowers. They cover the area from the street to your front door.

Special Projects For Homeowner's Own Expense: Current homeowners recommend Miguel Vite at 512-801-1564 for backyards or special projects (trees, bushes, flowers, and general) and Rob Hebel at 512-791-8956 (trees, mulch, bushes, and general). Jesse James at 512-694-7017 and Miguel Vite repair sprinkling systems.

On Street Parking: Limited to guests and workers only. Owners may not park on the street unless CMA has authorized in advance. Fines apply.

Garage Parking: Your vehicles should be parked in your garage. They may not be parked in the driveway instead of your garage. Any valid variances such as during your initial moving in or out period, or you own three cars, require authorization from CMA. Fines apply.

Outside Lighting: Residents report that one of our desirable features is the low level of mood lighting on our houses and street. Residents are encouraged to leave their garage/outdoor lights on during the darkness hours for safety purposes.

Exterior Home Maintenance: Residents are required to promptly deal with unsightly maintenance issues such as backyards not adequately cut or trimmed, foggy windows replaced, loose gutters repaired, or exterior painting overdue. While we all take pride in our home ownership, all of our property values are affected by even one unkempt property. Fines apply.

Paint Colors: The Overlook has an approved palate of outside paint and trim colors that are routinely updated to maintain contemporary styling without interfering with our existing neutral home colors. The architectural committee (AC) as well as the board of directors (BOD) have approved them. Please check with either a member of the AC, BOD, or CMA before you paint.

Garage Doors: It is required that your garage doors be kept closed. This is a River Place wide practice.

Homepwner Email Address and Phone Numbers: Please keep us current on both of these because occasionally it is necessary to contact you through an email blast or phone tree.

Critters: The beauty of our protected canyon attracts all kinds of critters, including rattlesnakes. Stay vigilant and report any sightings.

Vehicle Speed: We live on a private street and as such, there is no posted speed sign. Please drive very slowly for the safety of our children and residents. Please report license plate numbers for anyone deemed driving excessively. Lets keep our neighborhood safe.

Fire Safety: The Overlook HOA is linked to the River Place Firewise Committee and initiatives. Be firewise. Keep your home safe by reducing the amount of fire fuel around your property by trimming your plants and trees and removing any dead brush. If you are in doubt, ask your neighbors, CMA, or a member of the BOD or AC.

Golden Cheek Warbler and Oak Wilt: These dates are always posted at the RP entryway. Respect and follow the dates for trimming purposes. In general, because of oak wilt, do not trim your oaks from Feb 1 until June 30. The nesting Golden Cheek Warbler leaves its home and releases its young by mid July. Again, watch for the dates as they are posted in the entryway of RP.

Pets-Domestic house pets are most welcome in The Overlook. Be sure and pick up after your pet in your own yard as well as your neighbors. Also, remember to have your dog on a leash at all times just as in all other areas of River Place. Lastly, if you leave your dog outside for extended periods and he/she barks or becomes easily agitated, you are kindly asked to respect the privacy of your neighbors especially during early morning and late evening hours by returning them inside.

More Information: Please contact our management firm, CMA, for detailed information on our by-laws, legal documentation, fine/collection schedule, and general neighborhood information.


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