Palette of Exterior Colors
Approved by the
Overlook Architectural Control Committee

Effective as of April 2011
Architectural Control Committee

All home exteriors are to be painted with a base and a trim color. Garage doors can be painted with either the base or the trim color. The front door should be maintained with a stain as originally treated.

The following five palettes of Sherwin-Williams paint have been approved by the Overlook ACC for selecting colors. If any other brand is preferred, the colors should be mixed to match the Sherwin-Williams colors cited below.

Colors for exterior metal fence and roof vents added in January 2016.

Members of the ACC are available to answer any questions this topic.

  • The trim colors are limited to the lightest color on each palette.

  • The base colors can be chosen from the next three darker shades on the selected palette.
  • Darker shades on the palettes [not shown below] are not approved.

Sherwin-Williams palettes [color charts].

  • PC screen color shades are not exact and serve only as a guide to the actual color charts available at paint stores.

Color chart #16

Trim color:

SW 6105 Devine White


Base colors:

SW 6106 Kilim Beige

SW 6107 Nomadic Desert

SW 6108 Latte


Color chart #18

Trim color:

SW 6119 Antique White


Base colors:

SW 6120 Believable Buff

SW 6121 Whole Wheat

SW 6122 Camelback


Color chart #19

Trim color:

SW 6126 Navajo White


Base colors:

SW 6127 Ivoire

SW 6128 Blonde

SW 6129 Restrained Gold


Color chart #20

Trim color:

SW 6133 Muslin


Base colors:

SW 6134 Netsuke

SW 6135 Ecru

SW 6136 Harmonic Tan


Color chart #23

Trim color:

SW 6154 Nacre


Base colors:

SW 6155 Rice Grain

SW 6156 Ramie

SW 6157 Favorite Tan



Exterior Metal Fence

SW 6200 Link Grey



Roof Vents

SW 9131 Cornwall Slate


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