Col. Andrew Jackson May

Andrew Jackson May (1829-1903), son of Samuel May and Catherine Evans May. Born at the May House in 1829, he grew up to become the man Henry Scalf called `The Plumed Knight of the Southern Cause in the Big Sandy Valley.` In the Fall of 1861, Jack May raised a company of Morgan County Guards and led them to Prestonsburg, where, in the meadow below the house, he helped organize the 5th Kentucky Infantry, C.S.A. Hiram Hawkins of Bath County was camp commander. When Federal troops invaded the Big Sandy in November, 1861, they were halted at Ivy Mountain by a small Confederate force under Captain May. The fight slowed the Federals down, allowing the rest of the 5th Kentucky to evacuate Piketon.

When Col. May died in 1903, his friends paid him this tribute: `Col. May`s achievements furnish a striking example of what may be done by a determined and upright man.` `During the late war he distinguished himself as a brave and daring soldier, rising to the rank of Colonel. His most noted achievements as an officer were in engagements where he commanded as an independent chieftain.` `His greatest attribute was his courage. Never daunted, it was sublime even in the hour of his death. In addition to this, he was a man of high public spirit who will long be remembered for his kindness and charity to the poor and needy.`

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