The Litz Mansion, Tazewell
This photo shows the A. Z. Litz House in Tazewell, Virginia, once the property of Colonel A. J. May. Located on Marion Avenue, it overlooks several acres of well-landscaped property. It was built by John W. Johnson sometime before 1859. May purchased the house sometime during the 1870s. In the 1890s he remodeled it, adding a stately Greek portico. Its eighteen rooms include a large dining room, a ballroom, and a conservatory. When I visited the house in 1994, it was empty. After Colonel May died in 1903, his widow, Nelle Davidson May, converted the house to a private school. When this venture failed, she moved back to Prestonsburg and built the house on Arnold Avenue now owned by H. D. Fitzpatrick, Jr.

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