Mahala May and Husband
This is an old tintype of Mahala May Randall and her husband, Perez S. Randall. Mahala (1819-1901) was the seventh child of Samuel May and Catherine Evans May. She was born at the May House in 1819, two years after it was built. Mahala and Perez were married at the May House on July 30th, 1839. We know this because the occasion was recorded in the diary of Reverend William B. Landrum, the Methodist circuit-rider who performed the ceremony. His diary contains this entry: `On the next day [Tuesday, July 30th] I went to Samuel May`s [house] near Prestonsburg and performed the rite of matrimony between Dr. Randall and Mahala May, in the presence of a great many persons, and we had a splendid dinner.`

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