Children of Second Samuel May
Taken at Bascom May`s house on May`s Branch, this shows Bascom May, Martha May Greenwade, Florence May Hereford, David May, Ida May Shropshire, Tress May Francis, Gordon Francis, William James May, Annie M. May, Annie A. May, and Anna Laura May.
The Mays in this photo are the children of Samuel May (1820-1904), the man who acquired the north half of the May Farm when he divided the farm with brother in about 1845. Samuel`s farmhouse was located on the east bank of the Big Sandy opposite the mouth of Abbott Creek. Tress May Francis was the first Floyd Countian to realize that the May House should be saved. Her snapshots of the house, taken in 1936, are part of this collection. She also wrote a detailed genealogy of the May family.

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