Second Samuel May and Wife
The so-called Second Samuel May (1820-1904) and his wife Mary Osborn May. Samuel and his brother William James May were the second owners of the May Farm. They were sons of Thomas May and Dorcas Patton May of Shelby Creek, Pike County, Kentucky. The Mays raised ten children, including Solomon, born 1844; Dorcas, 1845; David, 1847; Elizabeth, 1849; Mary, 1852; Thomas, 1855; Martha, 1857; Samuel, 1859; William Harvey, 1862; and Bascom, 1867. All but Bascom died before 1952. Bascom and his wife Annie lived for many years in `The Weaning House` on May`s Branch. For a photo of Bascom and his relatives, see `May Family Group Shot` in this collection. For more on Bascom, see Floyd County Times for June 26th, 1952.

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