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Fred & David May

October 2021

Mayhouse Legacy Pages

John May Family Genealogy

Early May family records extend from the mid-1500s in the Rheinland Palatinate to the British Colonies in America in 1748 to Kentucky in 1800 and to Oregon Territory in the 1840s. Many stories and a few books of the family have been shared at reunions throughout the 1900s and as late as 2019.


Big Sandy Land

After John May (1760-1813) settled on his homestead at the mouth of Shelby Creek in Eastern Kentucky in 1800, he was unable to get clear title to the land. The following posts explain how speculators were able to receive grants for most of the land in the Big Sandy Valley prior to 1798.

Historical Societies

Historical Societies in Eastern Kentucky are welcome to have posts of special interest to their area entered in this section of the website.

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